We produce TV and online series and documentaries. In our current project, the services of our director Mona Deeley are hired out to the BBC to produce and direct the Alternative Cinema Programme (Cinema Badila) for BBC World Service Arabic TV. The programme aims to educate and entertain audiences about aspects of cinema less familiar to them, and push at social and creative boundaries.

We are involved in every step of the production process, from themes development, selection, scripting, commissioning and acquisition of films, interviews and reports, to directing shoots and edits and delivering on finished episodes. We have done this for TV, online projects, festivals and events:


  • We fulfil existing projects and/or advise on and develop new strands for our customers based on their strategy, such as in fulfilling their diversity remit, their international projects, or in pushing artistic and cultural boundaries;

  • We travel, view and interview at international film festivals, film markets and film archives;

  • We make calls for submissions to our extensive network of filmmakers, producers, directors and film organisations;

  • We develop complementary curatorial collaborations with leading curators and international film festivals;

  • We develop themes suited for the project based on the best films we have seen and our brief;

  • We commission and conduct interviews with A list celebrities, renowned national and international film talent, and experts relevant to our themes;

  • We provide the business and legal support to clear rights to the films;

  • We direct the shoots and edits;

  • We deliver finished programmes in a timely manner.