Mona Deeley


Mona Deeley has a multifaceted involvement in film, media, and the arts.

She has developed, directed and produced over 200 episodes of the Alternative Cinema programme for the BBC, a 50 minute weekly programme on world and independent cinema that broadcasts at the prime time of Sundays at 7 pm GMT on BBC World Service Arabic TV, and that she has helped shape since its inception in 2012. She has directed and produced six BBC documentaries on cinema, with several more in development relating to current affairs.

For BBC's Alternative Cinema programme, she has curated themed content; acquired over 400 international films and viewed thousands more in the selection process; forged curatorial collaborations with top international film festivals such as Cannes and Berlin; and commissioned and conducted interviews with hundreds of national and international leading film talent.

Mona has written articles, book chapters and scripts; and given public talks and been on panels, and given media interviews in relation to cultural issues, including being a co-panelist with MPs in relation to cultural policy.

Film, the 7th Art, incorporates all its predecessor arts, and her involvement has long been across art forms. She is founding director of Zenith Foundation, a not-for-profit contemporary art organisation, and she worked on projects and events over a 10 year period with major UK film, art and music organisations such as the BFI, BAFTA, IFFR, the V&A, the Bluecoat Art Gallery, and Sound & Music. She started her work in media as a lawyer, mostly at BBC Worldwide, and has experience in all business aspects of the industry.

Her languages have served her well throughout her work, being trilingual in English, French and Arabic. Her feature fiction debut film is in development.